A tool which helps to build tests of the most kinds and provide diagnostics
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The System of Interactive Diagnostics "SINDI" is a product from LeDiS Group which is born in result of marketing research provided at the last years. It has been discovered a high need of the most of end users to have a simple and comfortable tool which helps to build tests of the most kinds and provide the diagnostics and testing based on those tests. In this way, testing can be provided in such areas as:

- Knowledge diagnostics when providing the exams and certifications in education
- HR (human resources) management (for HR-agencies and HR-departments)
- Psychological Diagnostics (professional orientation, cognition diagnostics, diagnostics of emotional area, personal diagnostics, motivational area diagnostics, diagnostics of social and communication abilities, diagnostics of personal relations, diagnostics of internal and external team relations, etc)
- Verifying the level of knowledge by results of individual educational activity
- Providing the different kinds of assessment

Main Features :
- Local system that can be downloaded by everybody and simply installed over Windows operating system (today, 32-bit version of the program is available but it normally operates in 64-bit Windows supporting 32-bit software)
- Test Constructor built in a view of hierarchical tree. You can easily add tests and build the key test parts (title, annotation, instruction, questions, answers, scales and interpretations, weights for answers, and so on). The numerous unique tests may be united into categories to alleviate the work with big number of tests.
- Test Player which allows running the developed tests. This mode can be useful not only to run the tests but to debug them also. It must be mentioned, that you can simultaneously run several tests but only one of them can be run in maximized window (tests that takes the full surface of a computer screen).
- Integration with the network system ISAT (Information System of Automated Testing) which is available for companies of different size (from small ones to enterprises). You can design a test with SINDI, then export that test into ISAT and provide testing for many users in network environment (for example, in Internet).

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